The Designer Behind Rosewood

Oh hey, friend! 

I'm Angela and I'm so thankful you're here! I'm the designer, product photographer, marketer, accountant.....ok, we'll just cut it short and summarize this as one-woman-show behind Rosewood Boutique.

Despite the gorgeous flowers and elegant dresses you've seen so far, on any given day, you can find me in leggings and a big comfy, soft sweatshirt. When I'm not working in my in-home studio, I'm playing with my two huskies, painting and decorating rooms in our 1927 fixer upper home, or spending time with my favorite guy - my husband. I think kindness is underrated, and Pinterest is the best thing since sliced cheese....actually, no, cheese will always be the best thing. ;)

I'm a former marathon runner, first responder wife, a crazy fur mom of three, and lover of all things beautiful. My favorite things? Well those would hands down have to be puppy snuggles, peppermint mochas, neutral textures, traveling, and home decor stores.

So how did Rosewood start?

I dreamed up Rosewood after over a half of a decade of being immersed in the home decor and craft store retail world. I was a Hobby Lobby manager and merchandiser, and the company sent me all over the northeastern states to teach other employees how to decorate their stores. You can either throw a product on a shelf to sell (blah)....... OR you can style a product to perfection with other textures and pieces to attract customers who then can't resist buying it. That's what I taught other people to do!

And I LOVED it! I really did. all creatives do, I got bored from the lack of challenge. It was the same products over and over, and I just wanted to do something different that challenged my soul. And the answer of what to do next was right under my nose.

While I designed all those displays and walls everyday, customers would often walk up to me and ask me if some specific thing they were looking for existed in the store. I knew the finished product wasn't sold by Hobby Lobby BUT I knew a lot of the raw materials for it were! I would begin to walk them through how they could create it themselves, and I can't tell you how many times I was greeted with blank empty stares as everything I said just went right over their head. Sometimes people just want to buy the thing they can't find anywhere.....

And that, my friends, is how Rosewood started. 

Whether you visiting here just to browse around, shop, or you have a specific vision you need me to bring to life, I'm SO grateful you're here! Have question or want to reach out to me? Feel free to click the contact me button at the bottom of this page!



*The top two images on this page are credited to Christine Schleif Photography.