Interested in Placing a Custom Order?

Have you been searching for something you just cannot find in stores anywhere? Well you have come to the right place! Rosewood Boutique was actually founded after years of creating custom orders for friends, family, & friends of friends who found me along the way. 

My story began as the little girl who simply couldn't get enough shades of crayons and never had enough time (or money) in any type of craft, floral, or paper store. I was that child who had to have all my art supplies out at one time to see ALL the possibilities I could create and I wouldn’t settle till I had found perfection…no matter how many hours that took. 

Straight out of college, I spent the next five years as a manager and merchandising designer for Hobby Lobby. Everyday, I spent between 8-15 hours immersed in every medium of home decor, wall art, and florals, creating displays to attract every style and customer. People would stop to ask me how I did what I did, my district manager sent me to teach other stores how to do what I did, and I was ultimately transferred to Pittsburgh, PA to help a struggling store that had so much potential. Two years later, that store climbed from 3 to 5 million+ in sales and became the district standard for visual displays.
In my final year at Hobby Lobby, I stepped down to open my own business making all the things that people couldn’t find but asked for daily. I came up with the name Rosewood Boutique because I wanted to make all the floral and wood things that inspired people simple - I’d make it for them! Within five months, I was so busy with orders that I decided to leave Hobby Lobby and go full time
Our floral offerings include:
  • flower crowns in all sizes
  • bouquets & boutonnieres 
  • wreaths & garlands
  • arrangements for your home
  • pet collars
  • miscellaneous pieces you can't find anywhere else
Our wood offerings include:
  • signs in any size up to 2x3 feet
  • floral arrangements in custom wood crafted crates/stands
For more information on how to place an order, please go to the custom tab in our menu. We would love to help you bring your vision to life!