Happy Anniversary to the Husband I Never Expected To Have

Kind of an unexpected title huh? Well, if you had known me for the first two decades of my life, it probably would make perfect sense. I was the girl who was too busy chasing her dreams and traveling the world to bothered with boys or dating. 

But while I was busy getting a 4.0 in college, running to many miles and races to count, and logging even more flight miles, God was making other plans. I hated marriage - I had grown up seeing a marriage that seemed like more of an inconvenience and dead weight than anything else and I couldn't understand why anyone would want to do that. I was dead set on never wasting my time on a man and being the most independent, adventuresome person I could be without anything holding me back.

Funny how life changes because my husband, in an unexpected turn of events, became my greatest adventure. I shouldn't know him. I shouldn't know that he exists here on this planet. We should have never crossed paths theoretically. 


I was busy treading my path into the management world when I got a surprise opportunity to move to Pittsburgh, PA. I had three days to decide if I wanted to accept the position and find a place a live. So at 23 years of age and with bald tires in a huge snow storm, I drove to the heart of Pittsburgh by myself to sign a contract on a tiny apartment I knew nothing about. "Something" was prodding me and telling me it would all work out. I was excited and anxious for the new adventure of living in another big city and taking over one of the largest Hobby Lobby stores in the district.


The night before I moved to Pittsburgh, I was procrastinating packing and watching Hulu on my laptop. A commercial popped up for E-Harmony's free communication weekend and I scoffed inwardly. How on earth could successful relationships possibly come out of "matching" on the internet???? Just to prove to myself how ridiculous the idea was, I explored what creating a profile was like on the site and suddenly found myself matched with this very forward and eager guy named Matt. In my opinion, he was WAY to eager so I erased my entire profile that evening and moved on with packing and moving. Totally proved to myself that only crazy people were on these dating sites and never planned on giving anything from that night a second thought again.


But....my first week in Pittsburgh was surprisingly lonely. I had never really ever been lonely before - it was a new, uncomfortable feeling for this independent, fearless girl. And in the back of my mind, I kept thinking about the drummer who loved dogs and wanted to be a cop. But nah, he was eager and obvs a loser. But as the days went on, I could NOT forget about him. I really think it was God whispering in my ear and softening my heart with loneliness because the old Angela would have never given him a second thought.


That eager man who loved dogs and wanted to be a cop is now my husband. And he's now a fantastic, honest, and caring police officer and our husky's favorite person. But more than that, he's my best friend. 

Over the past five years I've known him, he's taught me to trust, to love, to slow down and just spend time, to not take life to seriously, to enjoy the one life we're given, to enjoy good food, and to be thankful for what you have.

God has a way of finding exactly the opposite of who you are and giving it to you to make sure you're balanced out. I never wanted a husband or a family because if I never had one, no one so close could ever hurt me again. So God found the most loyal, family-loving, trustworthy guy and dropped him in my lap. I never wanted a life I couldn't control, so God gave me the scary unpredictableness of law-enforcement life to teach me to relinquish control and treasure what I have right now. And I'm so much happier than I would have been. Going through life trying to tightly grip control of everything around you and never trusting anyone is NO way to live. 

So on this day exactly two years after I said "I do," I'm so thankful for the man who has become my greatest adventure - we've traveled so many places together, bought and renovated a house together, raised a crazy husky together, dreamed and planned together, made it to pay day on our very last dollar together (lol!), made mistakes together, and hopefully someday will raise a family together. Everything I thought about has marriage growing up has proved to be untrue in the past 730 days - when I said I do, I gained a best friend who is the perfect other half for me. And I can't wait for the next 365 days and beyond - we've got big plans and big adventures to conquer.

So, Matt, please continue to "grow old with me" because I truly believe "the best is yet to be!"



**Photo credit for all images is Christine Schleif Photography. We are so thankful that you captured our special day so perfectly!**



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