FAQ: What Can You Expect From Rosewood Styling Florals

For 4 years, I’ve been handpicking the types of flowers I want to use and send out from my shop. I received a question a while back about what I look for when selecting flowers for the styling box and it was a great question! So here’s what I look for and what you can expect from a box of styling flowers:

1) I look for TONS of detail in the center of the flower. Realistic detail in the center of the flower makes or breaks whether a faux flower will look and photograph like it’s a live flower.
2) I look for clean finished edges on the outside of the flower. Cheapo dollar store flowers will have all sorts of fraying on the edge of each petal. A high quality flower will have a more finished look throughout the entire bloom.
3) I look for variation in the color and shading on each bloom. This helps it to look oh so realistic in photos.

Do I look for a specific material when sourcing styling box blooms? Actually no.

There’s a common misconception that only real touch flowers will photograph well to look real. While they feel more real, yes, they actually don’t hold up well to tons of use, temperature changes (they’ll yellow in extreme heat or cold), and the latex-y rubber attracts and holds dirt that can’t be cleaned well without damaging the bloom.

There are a few real touch blooms I trust to include boxes. But for the most part I steer clear of them because I know wedding photographers need blooms that will hold up well for entire wedding seasons while you’re indoors, outdoors, working on the floor, on the ground, trying to quickly move things around and capture detail shots before the ceremony starts. The above 3 categories is what I look for over material content of the flowers.

More than anything, I want your investment in a styling box to last and hold up through several wedding seasons. 😉

All of the amazing photos in this post are credited to Sarah Rubin Greene Photography was so kind to share them with me. Thank you so much, Sarah!

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