Blush & Grey Flower Garland - Toddler Girl Bedroom Reveal

We moved to our tiny Ohio town a year and half ago and I still haven't met that many people where we live. Here lies the beauty of the internet - through social media, I have met some of the best people and creatives that, I'm sure if we lived nearby, we'd be the best of friends. Actually... my husband would probably hate it because, instead of me dragging him to Homegoods and leaving with nothing because he always asks if we reeeaaalllyyyy need a new rug, I'd come home with car loads getting to shop with fellow creative girl friends who love home decor and pretty things just as much as I do. 

Enter, Katie Lamb. About a year ago, I found Katie on Instagram, and I was immediately hooked because we both have similar light and airy neutral home styles with a touch of minimalism. When they bought a new fixer upper home last year, low and behold, she was considering the exact same paint colors that are throughout our house and our IG friendship began. A few months ago, we decided to work together on her daughter's bedroom makeover and I'm sure it'll go down as one of my favorite collaborations ever. 

I get a lot of questions about custom orders: pricing, how it works, turnaround, etc. So here's an in-depth look at what one custom order looked like from start to finish. 

Katie sent me two cellphone videos one day showing me what Linley Kate's bedroom makeover looked like thus far and said she thought a floral garland would look perfect on the end of the bed. She showed me some of the colors in the room, a step back view of what the whole space looked like, and used her finger in the video to point out how she would want the garland to droop on the end of the bedrail. I asked her to measure that droop length from end to end, and it was game on for making the garland happen. 

Normally this would be where I would research materials, send a price quote, and create a custom listing to purchase. But every year, I allows 1-3 spots for a collaboration and Katie fit the ticket perfectly being a talented photographer, blogger, and IG influencer with over 10K quality followers. 

Once a custom listing is purchased, on average, it takes about 4-5 days for custom order materials to come in. I allow for quite a bit more time typically in my turnaround just because sometimes flowers come in looking nothing like the internet picture, and I have to return and buy more. Or I find out I need a little bit more once they come in and I have to place a second order.

Occasionally, if I just want to clarify and make sure I'm 100% on point, I'll send a collected picture of all those raw flowers to the customer to make sure they love the general color palette and types of flowers. I did that with Katie and she told me they were 100% a go.  

From there, design time really just depends on what kind of project it is. If it's a dainty floral crown, it might be done in 2-3 hours. But in this case, it was a garland over 6 feet long and my first time doing one of this style. In total, it took about 10 hours of design time and some of that was starting over because I didn't like the details of how things were laying. To be honest, I'm a perfectionist to the core, and if I'm not happy with something, I'm going to redo and rework until that little inner tiny voice in my head says "Ok, Ang, you nailed it. You can stop." 

At that point, I'll go ahead and photograph the finished product from as many angles as I can in good natural daylight. Between shooting and editing, that normally takes me 1-2 hours for a project this size. I want to make sure before that product leaves my door step that the custom client has seen it from every angle, loves it, and there are no surprises when they receive it. 

The thing I love the most about Rosewood products and why I pour so much time into them is that they can be used in SOOO many ways. Also, you're not limited by time like you would be with live florals. You have your whole life to reuse and repurpose them as many times as you want. And that's exactly what Katie did with her garland. Check out the many uses she found for this garland JUST in her daughter's bedroom.

Nothing like a floral decor investment that's not only beautiful, but you also get to keep for years to come. Talk about a real life version of the quote, "I must have flowers always and always." At Rosewood, you really can.

To check out the rest of the details and sources of Katie's toddler girl room reveal, click this link to go to her blog post about it. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you feel inspired now to go create a beautiful girl's room of your dreams! And if you need some florals, you know where to find me! ;)



**All photos in this blog post (except my two progress photos) are credited to Katie Lamb Portraits & Films

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