An In-depth Look at a Custom Rosewood Wedding Order

Nearly three years ago, I was getting ready to plan my own wedding and it completely opened my eyes to ALL THE THINGS that go into planning a wedding. It's a lot of work and minimizing as many variable factors as possible quickly became my goal. I designed all the flowers for our wedding and it was one thing that I didn't have to worry about on my wedding day! SUCH a relief! Since then, I've started booking a limited number of Rosewood weddings each year to give beautiful brides the ability to have gorgeous flowers with no wedding day worries or surprises. The cherry on top is that they actually get to keep their investment and treasure their flowers for years to come!

I've always wanted to do an in-depth look at what booking and completing a Rosewood wedding package looks like. At the beginning of this year, the most perfect request hit my email inbox and I knew, if they booked me, this would be the order! 

In January, Heather reached out to me with all details of her destination Sequoia National Park wedding and inspiration photos of what she had in mind for her flowers. She loved anemones and ranunculus and wanted a natural, wild feel for her forest wedding. I knew immediately from her inspiration photos that the perfect faux versions were available and just about audibly squealed as I enthusiastically replied back that YES, I could absolutely complete her wedding vision! 

In that email, I quoted Heather for all the pieces she had mentioned they would need for their wedding, bridal party, detail shots, and cake flowers. Each quote I prepare is specifically tailored to each individual bride's vision - the types of flowers and the style of bouquets and pieces they'll need. The one thing I cannot do in my business is make set prices for bouquets based on size. Some stems cost three times what other stems cost, I have to make sure that the right colors and quality of stems are available, and some styles of florals require twice as much foliage and greenery to be purchased to fulfill the bride's vision. As a result and depending on my current workload, it can sometimes take me a few days to 1-2 weeks to prepare a custom quote. If you receive a prepared quote from you, you can rest assured I'm 1000% sure the correct, quality florals are available and I know I can absolutely nail your vision. 

Heather gave me the 100% "YES go-ahead let's do this thing" and I prepared a custom listing just for her with all the details and pictures we had discussed and the terms and conditions of placing an order with Rosewood. As soon as she purchased that custom listing, I started ordering in all the stems I had researched, and they all arrived in about two weeks. 

I started with her bouquet first. She wanted a large, wild bouquet and I was itching to bring it to life! From experience, I know that if you get the bridal bouquet right, the rest of the wedding design will just fall together naturally afterward! A few days later, I sent her a few pictures of the bouquet 90% completed from different angles. I typically leave the extra 10% for any design details I pick up from the bride's reaction. Heather replied that she absolutely LOVED it so far, loved the anemones, and it was everything she had dreamed of as far as "having a bouquet nearly as big as her." From that detail, I added in a few extra inches of foliage around the outside of the bouquet to add just a little bit more size and snuck a few more anemones in. 

Next, I designed the bridesmaid bouquets and boutonnieres. I sent pictures of those bouquets and 2 boutonnieres to make sure I was on the right design track. You'll notice the bases aren't wrapped in ribbon yet because it's much easier for me and more secure to make adjustments before wrapping them. They get wrapped once I get 100% approval on design.


She replied back that they were perfect and her groom wanted to see his boutonniere - I had been on the fence about exactly how I wanted to design his and she gave me one huge detail in that reply that helped me bring the groom's dream of "his flowers" to life. She told me he loved anemones too. All I needed to know! Light bulb moment! 

The timeframe for designing all these pieces was about a week (in addition to the two weeks of ordering in all the stems) in the case of this wedding. A typical turnaround for a wedding order is 21 business days, and I try to block off entire design days dedicated to wedding orders because I want to give them my full undivided attention.

At this point, the main parts of this wedding were complete and I received 100% approval to start wrapping the bases in ribbon and start finishing up all the tiny details. Before shipping out a wedding order this size, I take pictures of all the pieces again from all angles totally complete and wrapped and send them for final approval. 

I sent off all these pictures and more of the completed bridal bouquet, bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres, and detail flowers for the baker and photographer and eagerly waited for the reply email to ding on my phone. "Everything looks beyond perfect, and I couldn't have dreamed it up to be any better! You really worked with my raw idea and made it gorgeous! Everything looks great and you have 10,000% approval from Ephraim and I!" BEST REPLY EVER!!! 

The next day, I spent hours carefully packaging up and padding each individual piece, making sure the box was appropriately padded, and double checking nothing would move or get squished - basically everything in my power and three years of experience in shipping florals to make sure the post office wouldn't ruin a single thing in transit. ;) I dropped off the fully insured large box to the post office and bid farewell to the most lovely forest themed wedding I had ever dreamed of. 

A week later I received the best news of my life that everything had arrived safely and was even more beautiful in person. "I just wanted to send you a quick message to let you know that everything looks more stunning in person, and I'm so thankful I happened to cross through your neck of Instagram! I can't believe how gorgeous everything is, and the more I stared at my bouquet, the more intricately delicate and  beautiful features popped out! I cant wait to see everything all put together in October, and I look forward to sending you/tagging you in lots of pretty pictures!"

Literally the sweetest couple ever! They opened the box and unwrapped everything on the one year anniversary of their engagement. TEARS! SO SWEET! So I'll just be on pins and needles until October waiting for their beautiful, dreamy wedding!

My hope in creating this play by play of a custom wedding order was to show you the timeline, effort, and detail that goes into every Rosewood wedding. Deciding on your dream wedding details is a big decision and my goal is to make a bride's floral dreams come true without any hassle, stress, or surprise. I want the best day of your life to truly be the prettiest, stress-free best day of your life! Oh and did I mention you'll actually get to keep your dream wedding flowers for a lifetime to come!

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